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The Importance of Primary Care Physicians

the-importance-of-primary-care-physiciansGiven the multitude of healthcare specialties out there, it can be confusing to know exactly how a certain health professional can help us. What’s more, there’s also not enough public awareness of these matters. This is one of the several gaps that we hope to bridge here at City World Clinic, a family care clinic in Maryland.

As a trusted primary care clinic, we not only strive to make an impact on the community through our services. Beyond that, we also gear our efforts toward arming everyone with the right knowledge and resources on all things health and wellness.

In light of that, allow us to provide you with key information about what a primary care provider does and how essential they are in overseeing you and your family’s health. These are as follows:

  • A primary care physician (PCP) or primary care provider is a health care practitioner who specializes in general medicine and is frequently our initial point of contact for medical treatment.
  • PCPs are mostly doctors; however, some nurses and physician assistants also deliver primary care.
  • Primary care providers treat many forms of basic health problems. They can provide information about infections, chronic diseases, and medications.
  • PCPs identify potential health issues early on before they become serious. Individuals who have a primary care physician generally spend less time in the hospital and spend less money on medical expenses in the long term.

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