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Helping You Deal with Allergy Symptoms


Experiencing allergies of unknown origin can be hard for patients, especially when an allergic reaction is severe or life-threatening. At City World Clinic, a family care clinic in Maryland, we can help patients who suffer from allergies determine the causes of their allergic reactions and how to deal with them in a safe and effective manner.

We can help patients of all ages deal with their allergies, by developing a personalized treatment plan for each of them. The first step involves conducting an allergy test, to pinpoint the root cause of the allergy.

At our urgent care clinic, we offer several types of allergy testing options. Common tests we can do include blood testing, patch testing, and skin testing. What works best for a patient will depend on their genetics, medical history, and specific allergy symptoms.

Our primary care clinic has the professional and technological capacity to perform all three allergy testing options and more. We also have the capacity for interpreting the results of these tests and coming up with effective and efficient treatment plans based on our interpretations.

Indeed, there are so many benefits to consulting with our professional primary care physicians, especially when you suspect that you are suffering from some kind of allergic reaction.

If you are looking for the best primary care physician in College Park, Maryland to help you or your loved ones deal with allergy problems, we are ready to serve. Give us a call today at 301-289-7722 to set an appointment with us.

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