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Getting Treatment for Addiction Through Primary Care


People who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction are among the most expensive consumers of healthcare services, resulting in longer and more frequent hospital stays. City World Clinic is a recommended and well-established primary care physician in College Park, Maryland, that also offers treatment options for addiction.

This can be difficult to engage, and there need to be more specialized treatment facilities across the country. Our family care clinic in Maryland highlights strategies for expanding access to addiction treatment in this issue by incorporating it into our primary care setting.

Our urgent care clinic now recognizes drug use disorder to be a chronic condition requiring continuous recovery management rather than discrete bouts of treatment. Thus, approaches that integrate addiction therapy with primary health care are more important than ever.

Primary care providers will probably need to play a big part if substance use problems are to be treated as chronic illnesses, as many experts have proposed. We work closely with our patients to provide the best possible healthcare services they need.

Primary care physicians already follow up with their patients continuously over an extended period of time in addiction treatment, and they are qualified to recommend patients to specialized care as necessary.

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