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Effective Strategies to Help Manage Arthritis


Arthritis is the tenderness and swelling of one or more joints, with the main symptoms being joint pain and stiffness that worsen with age. Managing arthritis is a vital aspect of adult health, considering more than 22% of American adults have arthritis or some form of a rheumatic condition. If you or a loved one has arthritis, there are many things you can do to manage your symptoms.

As a trusted family care clinic in Maryland, we will share effective strategies to help manage arthritis.

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

    Regular exercise is a drug-free, effective way to relieve arthritis symptoms. Staying physically active reduces pain, supports bone health, and aids in weight control. Moreover, exercise can improve overall function, mood, and quality of life. Your care provider can recommend exercises that best suit your condition.

  • Try cold and heat therapy.

    Cold and heat therapy can reduce pain in a sore joint. The heat helps relax the muscles around the joint. For hot and swollen joints, opt for a cold pack. Mobility aids like crutches, canes, or walkers can also alleviate pressure on the knee and hip.

  • Talk to your care provider.

    Your urgent care clinic or primary care provider can address joint pain and other symptoms. Hence, it’s essential to get an accurate diagnosis to minimize symptoms and prevent the disease from worsening. Arthritis treatment can focus on minimizing joint damage, reducing pain, and improving or maintaining function and quality of life.

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